Best Beginner Beer Making Kit On The Market

beginner beer making

If you are new to home beer brewing you will be looking for the best beginner beer making kit on the market today. That would be the Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Home Brewing Craft Beer Kit.

When my father in law (he lives with us) and I decided to make home brewed beer, this is the kit we started out with. The directions are complete, the process is simple and  you have everything you need to make a batch of beer in short order.

Best Beginner Beer Making Kit On The Market In Our Opinion

The Premium Gold Edition Home Brewing Craft Beer Kit comes with; a plastic barrel (for brewing your beer in), 11 plastic reusable bottles with a cap. (These are 740ml or 25 ounce bottles), yeast, a non rinse cleaner – which is enough for two batches of beer,  complete written directions with a video (which are easy to follow), carbonation drops, and two varieties of beer. The 3.7% alcohol by volume beers included with the premium kit are a Czech Pilsner  and a Mexican Cerveza.

Having used this kit myself the first time I ever made home made beer, I’m here to tell you it is hard to screw this up.

Video Directions For Beginner Beer Making With Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Home Brewing Craft Beer Kit

I had some trepidation about the plastic everything, but have been pleasantly surprised at how easy they all were to clean and how create the beer tasted. Having a second batch on had to start right after bottle the first batch was a plus in my book. Not having to wait around and search for additional beer kits was nice.

Best beginner beer making kit for those wanting to explore the sublties of homemade beer.

Glass or Plastic Bottles For Beer Making

You can, of course use your own glass or plastic bottles. Really anything that held a carbonated beverage in the past you can use. You will want to get them sterilized before you use them, however. We have used old wine bottles that we have kept on hand. There are also capping kits you can get that are totally reasonable.

If you are making beer for the first time, just use the bottles provided. No sense getting all caught up in a lot of extra expense before you decide that this is a hobby you are going to pursue.

It takes just shy of two months from start to finish for each batch. Seven weeks being kind of the sweet spot for great taste. The fermenting process takes about two weeks. Then you should let it sit bottled and chilling for another couple weeks. Mellowing perfects the taste. If you are not the patient type you could drink this at the three week mark.

Mr. Beer Premium Beer Brewing Gold Edition Home Brewing Kit Review

Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Home Brewing Craft Beer KitMr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Home Brewing Craft Beer KitBeginner Beer Making

The Mr. Beer Premium Beer Brewing Gold Edition Home Brewing Kit includes all of the items you need to make two batches of quality home made beer.

The main difference between the Gold edition and the standard edition of this brewing kit are that the Gold edition provides 11 bottles/caps and two premium craft beers (think premium beers like microbrews), while the Standard edition provides 8 bottles/caps and one standard type beer. (more like Bud or Miller beer in quality)

The Deluxe Edition does not have any bottles included and only included enough product to create one two gallon batch of beer.



Making More Beer After You Have Used The Beginners Beer Kit

You can buy additional Mr. Beer variety of beer. You can use the basic beer fermentor (the plastic barrel) to create you own brews. The smaller container means that while you are experimenting with this craft you won’t be wasting a lot of beer if you mess up or don’t like a batch. A normal beer fermenting container will make enough beer for 45 12 ounce bottle. This one produces about 20 12 ounce bottles.

While in the beginner beer making phase of your beer making career, it is better to start small. This way you aren’t throwing a bunch of money at something you aren’t even sure is going to be something that works for you long term. These beginner beer making kits also make great gifts for your beer affectionado friends.


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